Beliefs & Covenant

Go therefore and make disciples...

Trinity Baptist Church holds to the New Hampshire Baptist Confession of 1833.

Why do we "covenant"?

The covenant of Trinity Baptist Church is a guideline for the members of Trinity but contains general obligations for the governing of every believer. For example, all Christians, whether members of Trinity or elsewhere, are required to submit to the Scriptures, pursue holiness, steward resources, etc. Such requirements are expectations for believers regardless of any failure on the part of local church to live up to her covenant obligations.

If at any time an individual member feels as though the corporate church body is not remaining faithful to the requirements of the covenant, it is the responsibility of the individual member to lovingly and humbly express concerns to the leadership of the church. If the church elders are unwilling to change and pursue covenant faithfulness, then the member is freed from his or her membership obligations and encouraged to seek membership elsewhere given the church’s disobedience. In addition, certain circumstances may provide sufficient and righteous grounds to transfer membership elsewhere.

While focusing primarily in language on the responsibilities between the individual parties, the corporate church body, her elders and her individual members, the covenant is first and foremost an acknowledgement of general Christian obligations and an agreement to enter into those duties for God’s glory and the good of the body and bride of His Son.

Member's Covenant

As those who have experienced the grace of a life changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, we have the opportunity to live according to the Word of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit. We covenant as members of Trinity Baptist Church to live in community, striving to honor God with our lives and exhort one another to godliness.

Pastor's Covenant

The elders of Trinity Baptist Church are called to protect, lead, equip and care for the corporate church body and her individual members.