Trinity Student Ministry

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At Trinity’s Student Ministry, we believe that we are in partnership to support and equip parents as they raise their children to love the Lord.

Our focus is not to be “paid professionals” when it comes to leading your student. We want to encourage and equip parents with all that you need to lead your home and lead your children to know Christ and to make Him known. That being said, please know that all of our student activities and services are open to parents to attend and participate!

Students will be encouraged, challenged, and provided a positive atmosphere where they can have fun and make great friends. While all of these qualities are awesome, they are mere by-products of our deepest desire of “knowing Jesus Christ intimately and making Him known passionately.” Our momentum, enthusiasm, passion, encouragement and service to others all flow out of the amazing truth that God saves sinners by faith through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. He is the reason we have joy. In view of this “good news,” we go, we share, we love, and we make a difference! Let’s go!

Trinity Students Schedule

Student BFG classes: Sundays at 9:00 am in the Trinity student area, Room 210

Student Service: Sundays at 5 pm in the Trinity student area, Room 210

Important Upcoming Events

Register Online for any of these upcoming events at Trinity Online Event Registrations

Events for students are held throughout the year, from Discipleship Now weekends, to service activities, to annual retreats and camps. We have a variety of events to get students involved.

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