Three Circles

Three Circles

When talking about the Bible, I often encourage people to make “files” or categories that help you makes sense of the storyline of the Bible. One that we use often is Creation, Fall, and Redemption. No matter what you read in the Bible, it fits into one of those three files. Those three words also explain the storyline of the Bible.

It was a few years ago at a Family Equipping Conference at Southern Seminary that I was shown another helpful visual to explain the gospel. It’s called Three Circles. It’s very similar to the Creation, Fall, and Redemption motif we see in Scripture, but slightly adapted.

The three circles are God’s Design, Brokenness, and Gospel. We don’t have to convince people there is something wrong with the world. Everyone agrees that there is something wrong. The problem is defining what is wrong with the world and how (if) it can be fixed. People often don’t know how messed up things really are because they are not comparing it to God’s design. We have to know what things are supposed to look like before you can understand how bad things really are.

three circles

The gospel is God’s solution to the brokenness that sin has brought into the world. Through the gospel, God is restoring all things back to his design  under the Lordship of his Son Jesus Christ. The call for every person is to repent and believe in the Savior God has provided and live continuously pursuing God’s design by His grace and the power of the Holy Spirit.
Here is a video that walks you through a three circles conversation demonstration. This is a good tool to use and a grid to think though as you look to engage people with gospel conversations.