The Shack

I have posted several great blogs on The Shack in the past. If you have missed them previously, here they are again:


All of these blogs do a great job dealing with content of the book that obviously bleeds over into the movie. In both conversations as well as just online encounters, I have found that those who love The Shack, care little about the lies it speaks about God. I do not doubt the salvation of those individuals, however I do doubt their understanding of theology. Most of the people who have fallen in love with this book or movie will fall into two primary groups: (1) Anything “religious” is good and better than the other junk out there or (2) They have lost a loved one and that book has somehow helped them. The problem with dealing with these two arguments is that you will never win a theological argument with someone who is arguing from a non-theological perspective…meaning they are not loving God with their heart, soul, AND MIND. Their argument is not one based on theology but based on their emotions.


As I hear their emotional reactions to the book or movie, there is a part of me that hurts for them because, in the midst of their pain they found comfort in something other than truth. One person wrote to me and said, “It is not a theological movie.” This statement alone may have been the most telling description of the real problem. This statement shows they couldn’t even define theology, let alone recognize if it was true theology or not.


While this statement was written to me on Facebook by someone outside my church, it reminded me of God’s good providence and timing in that I am actually teaching a series at Trinity on Discernment that began last week, and I wished this person were a part of it.   I say this series was obviously scheduled by God’s providence because when I set out studying for it, I was not aware when The Shack would release to theaters. In my study I did remember a movie from years ago that, when released had Christians offended and angered… The Last Temptation of Christ. In this movie they depicted Christ having thoughts of lust, and all kinds of other vile portrayals of his supposed life. The movie had nothing to do with Scripture and lied about our Savior. We were rightly incensed about its release. While I never saw the movie, I did read multiple accounts of the content and I would say that the vile movie, The Last Temptation of Christ at least showed Christ on the cross, in some way atoning for mankind. Again, the movie is a vile and false picture of Christ but, I would say The Shack shares equally heretical lies about God. Quite simply, they both depict lies about who God is and His relationship with His people, but The Shack just doesn’t have the sexuality.   We have Christians up in arms about Beauty and the Beast because a secondary character is shown to, at the very least “lean towards” homosexuality. There are many reasons for something like this to concern us, but primarily because we don’t want sin to be portrayed as “normal and acceptable behavior” to our children. But, I find it ironic that this character bothers so many parents, but a movie like The Shack falls under the realm of “faith based” and yet overtly lies about the Godhead in more ways than most blogs have room to discuss fully.


The real issue is a lack of discernment among believers and so few biblically sound churches, that most Christians have no theological filter to think through. I find it strange that we will have people boycott Beauty and the Beast but many are silent when it comes to overt theological heresy in The Shack, or worse yet, they will accept and overlook the heresy because they know someone who was helped by it. May God allow us to be thinking Christians.