Precious Promises

The following blog is filled with such encouragement. I wanted to write so much about it but, to be honest I would only mess it up. I thank God for the ministry of Paul Tripp and I hope this serves as a blessing to you as it did me.   7 Gospel Promises […]


  There have been several books in recent years on the subject of discipleship, many of them are great, while others…well…. However, one of the primary points that is skipped or underemphasized in many of these books is the importance of the local church in meaningful discipleship. I thank God for men and women who […]

Openings to Share the Gospel

We have spent the last 7 weeks at Trinity walking through how we can share the Gospel with a lost and dying world. It is difficult to do this without establishing relationships. I came across this blog by Ed Stetzer that gives some great ideas about meeting new neighbors, making them feel welcome and […]

Reasons We Miss Church…

Below you will find a link and the actual blog. When I read this I found that it was written so well, so clearly that there was nothing I really needed to add. I hope it is as thought provoking for you as it was me.   Reasons We Miss Church (But May Not Need […]

Passion with No Discernment is Deadly

On Wednesday evening in the conclusion of my sermon I spoke briefly about Carrie Underwood performing at Passion. I stated many positives regarding the Passion Conference, but I concluded with a great concern about seeing Carrie Underwood perform and so many of the headlines referring to it as “worship.” I made a decision I was […]

Travel Ball?

From a practical standpoint, how should a parent view travel ball? Regardless of your opinion on this matter and regardless of how old your children are, if they play baseball you will have to deal with this question. Below or in the link, you will find persuasive arguments not simply from a spiritual standpoint but, […]

Let’s Not Go To Church

Sometimes it is difficult to not roll my eyes (actually, if you look closely I do roll my eyes) when I hear people bemoan the fact that many young adults and college students are leaving the local church. Now, on this blog I have written multiple reasons for this, from weak doctrine to poor priorities. […]

The Damage of Professional Counselors

Let me begin this post by asking a simple question…at the most difficult time in your life, who would you say helped you get through it the most? Most people will not answer, “My professional counselor helped me survive during that heart break.” Let me preface this by simply stating that my wife has her […]

When Family Is a Wrong Priority

I recently found out that a young couple at our church made a decision to limit their choices of gaining an advanced degree to right here in our local area. I was even more excited and encouraged as some of their reasons came to light, one of which was staying in our faith family at […]

Modeling Marriage

Throughout my ministry I have watched as marriages that were extremely “child focused,” spun into chaos once those children are out of the house. That in itself is a tragedy, but what is worse is that not only has one marriage suffered, but in effect, by conducting their home in an unbiblical manner, the parents […]

Boys, Boys, Boys

I have 2 boys – well, actually 2 young men in my house. From early on in their life we have kept manhood in front of them. We have explained, emphasized and “beat the drum” of  the importance of taking responsibility, rejecting passivity and the necessity of walking with God. We have had countless discussions […]

Know Your Enemy

A couple of weeks ago, in our Bible Study Fellowship Groups, we were studying the David when he committed adultery with Bathsheba. I shared with my class that this was not a simple story about how one gets into the sin of adultery, but this was a study on how one gets into sin. The […]

How to Know My Child is Converted

We are always very careful when we counsel with children at Trinity.  Most children who are raised around the church and things of God, have an understanding of “church behavior” and will be quick to raise their hand, pray a prayer, get baptized or do whatever else they feel is needed to show “they love […]

Talking With My Teens

I have two teenage boys, and through their years we have gone through countless books, studies and family worship times… but some of the most productive conversations have happened just as we were “doing life,”  on trips, back and forth to ball practice, watching a ball game. But, few of these discussions happened by accident. What […]

Knowing God’s Word and Will

On Wednesday nights we are talking about how we should go about making decisions in a biblically wise way, not based on our hunches. When I came across this yesterday, I thought it gave a very good biblical perspective on things. Hope this gives further clarity to what we have been discussing. —- You Don’t […]

Bad Doctrine Bites!

Look, my warped sense of humor could not resist this news article…   Now, as humorous as I find this, I also find it tragic. This guy “heard God” but actually he didn’t. He left doubting everything, because he wants something beyond the Truth of the Word. When I don’t know Scripture and live […]


I have shared on multiple occasions that I have a tendency to worry. Now, from my perspective it is not worry like some elderly lady wringing her hands, but more like being consumed with a situation and thinking of every possible scenario as to how to attack the problem….then of course, worrying about all the […]

Christian Celebrities

Several years ago when writing my blog, I posted a link and discussed this well written and needed post: .   I have stated multiple times that one of the benefits of growing up in a Pastor’s home was that I had the opportunity to meet some of my “Heroes Of The Faith” and, in my […]

Easter is Here

The entire reason the church comes together every Sunday is to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, but Easter is a special day of the year for a single reason; that is the number of people who will come and hear the gospel on this one day. There is probably not another day of the year […]

Let Them Be Bored

I find it quite humorous that parents lose all sense of reasoning ability when it comes to their kids and church. When it comes to school, you don’t give them a choice to go or not in fear that they may turn against education. You believe that in the long run, school is a necessity […]

Preference, Conviction, Rebellion?

  God has created us with differing gifts, abilities and preferences… Between backgrounds, talents and even spiritual gifts there is a variety of opinions about a variety of issues… Let me give a personal illustration:  Recently, as a family, we read the book, When Helping Hurts, (if you have not read this book I highly […]

Why We Take the Gospel So Seriously at Trinity

With the holidays rapidly approaching and everyone’s schedule getting crazy, we will take a break from blogging, as a staff, until after Christmas.   This will be my last post until January so, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you and your family!    In a recent interview with some church members who had just […]

Affordable Christmas

I just wanted to repost/share Bro. Jeff’s blog from Monday, in which he explained the Affordable Christmas Store.  This ministry is such a great opportunity to help others and serve our community.  If you have not read When Helping Hurts, I would encourage you to get that valuable book and see why we do the […]

September 26th – a Prayer for Naghmeh Abedini

I recently shared about this story in a Trinity Worship rehearsal and promised that I would share it on the blog. I think this story resonates because we forget that our brothers and sisters are suffering throughout the world for their faith in Jesus, and in this case, he is an American! I am asking […]

A Missions Reminder: From Our Neighborhood to the Nations!

I wanted to take a post to remind you about our upcoming Missions Giving, beginning this Sunday.  Through the years we have found that, if Michele and I try to give one week for this mission opportunity, and one week for that opportunity, our missions giving is scattered and not consistent enough to amount to […]

From Our Neighborhoods to the Nations: Giving to further the Gospel

Each year, we have an emphasis for our church family to commit to give toward missions. A few things we need to remember: Give generously and cheerfully. Give your tithe as first priority. The missions offering is above and beyond your regular tithe. Giving toward missions should be done all year long. Giving toward missions […]

Core Value #4

Compassion: The Church must have a compassionate heart and an intentional plan to minister to the children without parents or lack a Christian influence at home. (James 1:27) When you look around the homes that make up our communities, our country, and world, it doesn’t take long to see that there are a lot of […]

Husbands, You Are Called to Lead!

I came across this blog by Tim Challies a little while back, and thought it would be a helpful exhortation to some of our brothers. I think when a man steps back and realizes that God’s call for him to lead his home is not because of his natural ability, and when the wife realizes […]

Benefits to Corporate Worship

“I love to be in Your presence, with Your people, singing praises. I love to stand and rejoice, lift my hands and raise my voice.” – Paul Baloche, I Love To Be In Your Presence One of the great joys of my life is to lead God’s gathered people to pursue their joy in Christ […]


I came across this today in the Valley Of Vision. It is a great reminder as we physically experience “summer weather” and recently celebrated freedom on July 4, let us seek freedom from sin and seek the “summer weather” that comes by the power of the Spirit in our lives. ~Jon Purification: From the valley […]

When Did We Lose the Culture War?

We have probably all, at one time or another over the last few weeks, made a statement regarding the speed at which this gay marriage law went through. It seems as if our culture is changing at a lighting pace. However, I remember hearing about a book written years ago by Robert Bork entitled Slouching […]

Being Prepared

Our students are off at camp this week.  Panama City Beach, FL – not a trip for the faint of heart.  As most of them gathered swimsuits, sunscreen and (hopefully) toiletries, I am sure they were anticipating all the fun and sun of the week.    Now that they are at the beach and attending […]

A Beautiful Life…

There is a country song that says that “Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful life.” I think that’s what every healthy marriage can attest to. This week I celebrate 21 years with my precious bride. We have had 2 boys, lived in four states, lived in 7 homes, and are in our third, […]

Ladies, Your Turn….

When I wrote the post and gave the link last week for our fathers, I never intended to turn around and do the same for our ladies, but I saw this some time ago and just wanted to share it with everyone but, specifically for our ladies. See below: She will be saved through […]

If It Hits Me, It Will Hit Others

Some of the greatest responses I get when I preach are the sermons that have hit me the most. The sermons that have done the greatest work IN me, flows out to my preaching. This blog was written about a Ray Ortlund’s father, who was a Pastor. It reminded me of my high calling […]

Summer Ain’t Over….It’s Just Beginning

Through business and life I must confess there are times that I am not “Kingdom Aware” enough. I came across some very practical helps for us (as God’s people) to do ordinary things that are Kingdom focused. I hope these principals give you some food for thought.   Out of the World and […]

Are We a Thermostat or a Thermometer?

Are we a Thermometer Church or a Thermostat Church? The article found on Ed Stetzer’s blog (follow link below) is one I thought would help us evaluate our attitude and actions as we become more involved in our neighborhood and our city. The question is this: Is our church more like a thermometer or a […]