Passion with No Discernment is Deadly

On Wednesday evening in the conclusion of my sermon I spoke briefly about Carrie Underwood performing at Passion. I stated many positives regarding the Passion Conference, but I concluded with a great concern about seeing Carrie Underwood perform and so many of the headlines referring to it as “worship.” I made a decision I was […]

Family Worship

One of my favorite blogs is  Tim Challies gives great book reviews as well as insight to a variety of topics, is doctrinally sound and writes in a concise way that works great in his blog. Recently, he wrote about Family Worship and why we fail so often in being consistent with this. This […]

Children and Student Ministry – Core Value #2

As we looked at the core values of our children’s and student ministry at Trinity, we have reviewed that the first “Hook” that will hold our kids and our students to the Lord is The Word of God.  The second such “hook” or core value that we hold dear – that we believe we must […]

Hooks that Hold: Hook 1 – The Word of God

Our last blog on the Student and Kids’ ministry pages explained that there are certain “hooks” that will ground you to the faith.  Things that you base your life and your spiritual walk on, that will sustain you over the long haul.  These are the core values that we want to base our ministries on […]