The Shack

I have posted several great blogs on The Shack in the past. If you have missed them previously, here they are again:   All of these blogs do a great job dealing with content of the book that obviously bleeds over into the movie. In both conversations as well […]

I Love Hearing from God

In a discussion with some friends the other day one of them sent this blog. I thought it was very well written and true for us today.   Why Do We Say, ‘God Told Me’? September 17, 2013 When someone begins a sentence with “God told me . . .” I have to admit […]

Not Trying to Be Controversial, but…

This is an older blog I ran across a few weeks ago but it perfectly summarizes the debate in our time regarding homosexual marriage and myriad of other issues.  See it below.   by Dan Phillips   In the Sunday School class at CBC we’re doing a series called Marriage, the Bible and […]