Our Story

In a culture where churches strive to build bigger temples and expand its wall, most look at our church and question why…well, the “why” or shall I say the “who”, is what our story is all about…..let me explain:
Our story, for most, is confusing at best and down right stupid at its worst…no wait, let’s try that again…

Once upon a time was the greatest love story ever known….hmmm not exactly what I was going for…

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…well, that’s actually pretty true but that is not our story…..

You see, our story began at the moment The Gospel collided with our lives. This gospel brought us to salvation but it didn’t stop there…no, it’s work had just gotten started.  As the grace of the gospel started to work in our lives we were stretched and strained as we began growing in our knowledge of The Lord.  Though our footing seemed shaky at first, we were finding that the foundation of our theology was getting stronger. The gospel began to move from our mind to our hearts.  Within all the inadequacies of our messy lives….God was working.  As we began to learn the hard truths of biblical manhood and womanhood…God was working.  As we were teaching  the hearts and training the minds of our children…God was working.  As we struggled to become peacemakers in a world filled with conflict….God was working. Then finally as we used the Word of God to strengthen our church and covenant….God was working.  As we grew alongside other believers, we not only learned to give grace but also how to receive grace.  It was evident through trials and tears, through joy and years of love and fellowship, we were becoming a family.  The gospel continued to move and permeate every area of our lives.  We began to experience the highest expression of worship from the outflow of our love for God and His body….and it was amazing.

With fresh eyes we have a clearer vision and a new passion to move outside our walls…to share that same gospel with the world around us. We were commanded to “Go”!  In obedience, our desire is to be intentional in our walk with Christ….In the community…in the commonplaces…where we live life.  That is where we go, where we minister, where we build, where we love…where we are planted. In this time of sweet surrender, our hearts cry out together. That we “may with one voice glorify the God and Father of The Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 15:6).

Our desire then is this….That we will not be casual Christians but we would be a white-hot passionate people of Christ, that we may fully know Him, following hard after Him. May we never again be a body trapped within our walls, waiting for others to come but may we be The Church!  A church overflowing life and light to a dying world. To God be the glory forever!