As we prepare to celebrate our Kick-Off Sunday in our new building at the end of this month, I began looking back over the last year and a half and thought of all the people God has used to help our church body in this transition and to help me personally. There are numerous flaws that I have, and many areas that God is working to sanctify me in, but the one area that I seem to “hit” way above average in, is the people that the Lord has allowed me to bring in on staff. Being a Sr. Pastor now for almost 20 years I certainly have hired some men on staff that were strike outs (just to keep the baseball theme) but more often than not, God has blessed me by placing men around me that are full of grace, integrity and faithfulness. I am blessed to serve with the men the Lord has brought to Trinity. This transition and vision would not have been possible without them serving and leading. But as much as I appreciate them and as much as I appreciate the overall leadership of the men and ladies in our church family, they are not my MVP.

My MVP is the lady that I live with and love, with whom I will celebrate her birthday this week and who will forever be my Valentine. I could again, tell you the many flaws I have and sins I struggle with…and some of them you know and others you don’t. But my bride lives with me and sees them in HD. Many of the weaknesses in my life she has as her strengths, many of the sins that God works out of my life, He uses her to aid in that. She is full of grace and God has allowed her to help and love me during some of the craziest times of this process. She has prayed for me and with me, she has listened to my frustrations, doubts, excitement (many times all happening in the same hour). God has called me to preach the Word of God and for that I am blessed, but He has given me a jewel who few, if any, will know how God has used her to strengthen me, encourage me and even rebuke me. She is my MVP, God has put her by my side to get me through some of the most difficult days in my life and to celebrate some of the greatest days in my life. Thank you Trinity, for loving her and my family. Thank you Michele, and know that I love you and you are the most amazing soon to be 23 year old lady I know. J Happy Birthday and thank you.