I have shared on multiple occasions that I have a tendency to worry. Now, from my perspective it is not worry like some elderly lady wringing her hands, but more like being consumed with a situation and thinking of every possible scenario as to how to attack the problem….then of course, worrying about all the ways that could go wrong. But in truth, much of the worry I have, no matter how many ways I can think of to attack it, are about situations which are well beyond anything I can fix.   Somehow knowing that it is out of my control never stops me from trying to be sovereign over my situation.  This year I have started trying to deal with problems but, try my best to not live in those problems. Meaning, I try to not allow it to impact and infiltrate every area of my life. My guess is there are more people like me than unlike me… after all, we all battle with sin and many of the things that can worry us – whether our, health, finances, job, future, children, parents, spouse, marriage or family, are all thing that we don’t have exclusive control over but we do worry about.   Worry isn’t a defect, worry isn’t something I can blame parents for (okay maybe Adam and Eve) but worry is a sin. Let me tell you some things I have to remind preach to myself on more than one occasion.


  1. When I Worry I am striking out at God: When I worry what I am actually saying is that I can’t trust God. I am actually attacking the character of God.
  2. When I worry I deny Scripture: I am to be seeking first the Kingdom, all this other “stuff” in my life should be secondary. I have to confess I worry more about my life than the Kingdom. The easy answer as to why is that I know God’s Kingdom will advance, nothing can stop it! But…if I can trust Him with something as vast and amazing as His Kingdom, I certainly should be able to trust Him with something as small as my life.
  3. When I worry my circumstances rule me: Instead of looking to the Author and Finisher of my faith, my circumstances stop everything. My passion, my worship and my trust.



I am sure there are many other things we could add to this list, but when I realize that I am in denial of Scripture, striking out at God and refusing to worship…I realize this is not some minor sin in my life. It is a devastating sin and must be dealt with the same hatred as any sin. Thank God He gives us the grace we need to not let sin reign in our lives.

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