MID-Week Studies Starting…

I am so excited about this year in the life of Trinity.  Watching how God is teaching and shaping us is nothing short of astounding and I believe our greatest days are yet to come. One of the areas that we are getting stronger in is the area of discipleship, and this is working through our Ladies Ministry, Men’s Ministry, and as individuals are meeting and spiritually growing. I could go on and on regarding this, but I want to just share with you another opportunity that can really enhance your walk like never before. We call our Wednesday services MID-Week (Making Intentional Disciples) not because we want acronyms or because we needed a name, but because this is really our passion. So, for 2 quarters out of the year we will walk through Bible study together in a service, but for the other 2 quarters we are going to spend time walking through more intensive studies in smaller groups. I want you begin thinking about what class you want to be a part of this quarter and register for it as we need to know an approximate number so we can have the material available to you for the first night – February 3rd at 6pm. We are starting a little bit earlier, but it is so we can cover all the material. Look below and begin thinking what area will help you and your family the most. Then, register online at trinitysouthaven.org or in the foyers before/after services.  Look forward to seeing you there!


Secret Life In A Man/Woman’s World: Taught by Chad and Michele Everson

Ever looked at your husband or wife and thought… “How on earth did they arrive at that conclusion?” Some of the problem is we fail to really see how the opposite sex thinks, how God created them differently and what great value they bring into a marriage. So, if you have been married for years or planning on getting married this class will give you a gospel centered understanding of the opposite sex and how God intends to us interact with one another.


Run For God: Sarah Edmiston and Bubba Crowder

This is more than a “get in shape class” it is about the stewardship of our bodies. It will help you learn how to run, how to think through our health from a biblical perspective and not just “plan” to get fit, but actually put it into action.


Family Matters: Jeff Summers and Bruce Roberts

This class will cover a variety of topics in a round table discussion format. Everything from discipline, family worship, a biblical view of entertainment, sports and vacation. For parents with children of any age in the house, this will open your eyes and help you gain new insights and wisdom from other parents in our church family.


Recovering Redemption: Jon Rushing and Jeff Smallwood

Ever wonder why you face the same problems, same sins, same issues? The Gospel is powerful to sanctify us and grow us, but not if it is not applied. This study will help you gain insight and apply the gospel in an insightful manner to preach to yourself rather than listen to yourself. It will help you realize what is lost can be recovered, something that is broken into ashes can truly become something of beauty.


These classes are not by age, and with the exception of the Family Matters class, students, singles and married couples can register for any of them. I look forward to watching God work in the midst of these classes. Sign up now in our foyer or on line.