Keeping Up with Technology

I mentioned this Sunday, but is the link to our new website we launched on Friday.  We are hoping that you like the look of the site, but also all the new features of the site as well.  You will be able to access my blog, and in the days ahead, blogs for all of our other ministry areas, directly on the site.  There is also a member’s area for you to create an account and sign in (see the member sign-in button below the announcement scroller on the main page).  In here, you will be able to access your family’s profile, upload a picture (think online church directory), check out your giving history, see calendars for ministries that you participate in, check attendance or email your small group.  It is our hope that you will get your account set up and start looking around!  The median age of our church is very young and very tech-savvy, but our church leadership has not consistently led very well in turning you to all that we now have at our disposal.   This site should be a great launching pad to all that we are doing.  The site is where you can register for Wednesday night suppers (either for a month at a time or each week), sign up for Bible Studies, etc.  In the days ahead it will become a real “hub” for information.

To highlight a few things we are doing:

– Right now around 50% of our church giving is done online but, once our building is completed we will also have kiosks in the foyer and even the ability to simply text your giving amount to our system.  You can signup for Online Giving on the ‘Giving’ menu of our new website.

– We will have several kiosk where you can check in your grade school children at our entrances.  While we will still have our main “children’s check in” area, we will also have stations set up in the foyer, the gym lobby, etc. so that our members will not ALL have to go through the main children’s lobby.

– When you are on the website, you can also choose to follow us on Facebook and Twitter – there are links to each of the ministry pages under the ‘Connect’ menu on the new website.

Having each of these resources, as well as the information we give when our church family gathers will keep you up to date on the many ways we can serve our Lord together. These are exciting days for our Church family, I look forward to seeing you Wednesday at our new dinner and Mid-week service!