What an Incredible Day!

To say that Sunday was “incredible” would be an understatement!  We were truly blessed to be together and to be celebrating or kicking off our new ministry in this neighborhood.  We had visitors from all over the City, City officials (Mayor Darren Musselwhite and his family and Alderman Joel Gallagher and his family), community partners (listed below) and many families who are our new neighbors.  We were also blessed to have Desoto Grace (after school program) volunteer to keep our nurseries for us on this day so that our members could be in attendance in the service.  Thank you for being a part of this special day.

Below you will find the video we kicked off our service with Sunday. It includes an opening from Bro. Brad Walker, a former staff member that God used greatly to enable us to be in the position today. Bro. Greg Stringfield, another former staff member was able to be in attendance to celebrate with us on this special occasion.  I am so thankful for these men and the ministries they had at Trinity, and I am grateful to serve alongside the men we have on our staff now.  I am also thankful for our members – I witnessed many of our members spend hour after hour polishing floors, wiping down sound equipment and stairways, cleaning the baptismal pool to be used….thank you for your service and love for this family!  While we had limited time to get the building ready for this event, we were seriously crippled by the “ice storm of the year” this past week.  We had one set back after another and yet, we had the sweetest spirit among our members.  Trinity is an incredible family and we have been truly blessed!!!



Thank you to these Community Partners in attendance:

Heartland Hands

Southaven Police Department

Pregnancy Care Center


Greenbrook and Hope Sullivan Elementary Schools

Xtended Missions and Disaster Relief Team

Desoto Grace

Our AWANA State Missionary