Hooks that Hold: Hook 1 – The Word of God

Our last blog on the Student and Kids’ ministry pages explained that there are certain “hooks” that will ground you to the faith.  Things that you base your life and your spiritual walk on, that will sustain you over the long haul.  These are the core values that we want to base our ministries on at Trinity.  We want to ensure that your children and students are “hooked in” and solid.  In this blog, I wanted to outline and explain the first of these core values that we hold to; why we hold to the Word of God.

Our Mission:

Trinity Family Ministry exists to equip, encourage, and support families in raising up generations of passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.


Our first Core Value:

Word of God: The Bible is our authority for all of life and will be central in our family ministry.

(2 Timothy 3:16-17)


The church is not like a school in which I drop my kids off to a professionally trained math teacher, for example, so that they can learn calculus. As Christian parents, we are commissioned by God to teach our children the truths of God’s Word and how to live them out, not to simply drop them off at church for the “professionals” to be taught God’s Word. Why is this? How is the church and parent relationship different than the school example? As a believer, we have the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit in us to do what He has called us to do. The home is the primary discipleship center. We, as parents, are the primary teachers of the Word of God. But at the same time, we, as parents, need to grow in our use of the resources that God calls us to use. In the wisdom of God, He has provided something else to aid us in training up the next generation, and that is the church family. Both home and church walk hand in hand as partners to raise up the next generation for Christ.

We want to equip our children and students, along with parents, with the Word of God. The word equip is an interesting word that has several usages in the Greek. It was a Greek word from which we get our word, “artisan:”  an artist or craftsman, that is, one who uses their hands to build something. It also has a couple of other meanings: “to mend” and is used of mending nets. The disciples equipped or mended their nets by fixing their nets, making them stronger, and preparing them for service or use. The second meaning for equip in the Greek means “fitting them out” or “to make one what he ought to be.”

The Word of God is central in our teaching because it is profitable to build truth into one’s life that corrects us, strengthens us, and outfits us for effective service. Our choice of curriculum for our BFG’s, student Bible studies on Sunday nights, and Awana ministry, for instance, has the purpose of employing the Scriptures to transform our children’s hearts and character, to increase their faith in the Lord, and to outfit them with the knowledge and ability to apply God’s Word to their everyday lives. The Word of God has the ability to speak to every age group.

To assist parents in teaching children at home, the students and adults are progressing through the same lessons. Our preschool and elementary children are being taught the same lessons as they move chronologically through the Bible. In both instances, this coordination allows a ready resource for parents to teach at home.

We encourage parents and teachers to communicate regularly about their children as the church and parents partner together to raise up a generation of passionate disciples for Christ.

We, as a ministry to children and students, must teach the Word of God faithfully. As parents, we must do the same at home. We must be faithful to communicate the truths of God’s Word, redeeming the time. We must teach our children the great and saving truths of God’s Word with energetic eagerness, much like Jeremiah who said that the Word of God was like a fire in his bones (Jer. 20:9). His Word is so powerful that it is able to make us wise for salvation through faith in Christ. May His Word be like a fire in our bones that we can’t help but make sure the next generation knows our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.