Holy Sexuality

When I saw this I immediately thought of our recent BFG lesson, Holy Sexuality. As I watched this, I realized just how much we need to change our view of sin before we can be effective in sharing Christ with those around us. Here are a few quotes to entice you to watch the video (it’s well worth the time). ~Jon

“If you want to put the hand of the lost into the hand of the Savior, you actually have to get close enough to get hurt.”

“God forbid if when we repent of sin all we do is deal with the surface.”

“Homosexuality is a root of something else.”

“The need to share the real gospel is urgent both within and without the church.”

“The gospel promises that if God gives you a heavy cross to bear, the Lord Himself will uphold the heavier part.”

“We are all messy people! There are only two things that are eternal: the Word of God and the souls of people and we need to get to the business of majoring on those majors.”