Exciting Worship

I came across this article from Bob Kauflin today and I want to say that I agree completely with what He is saying here. I recently attended a worship concert that I loved, but caused me to think about the celebration that took place in the venue as opposed to how we respond weekly in worship together. The concert was filled with much Truth-filled singing and encouragement to praise God and I truly loved rejoicing in Christ with a few thousand of my closest friends. 🙂 But I fear that much of the celebration going on may have been as much in response to the lights, the bands, the atmosphere, etc. as to our Savior. I can’t know others’ hearts, and I wouldn’t want to, honestly. But I do know that even though events like the one I attended are refreshing, and are used by God to allow us to experience His presence in a completely different environment than most Sundays, it is not what should be expected weekly with your local church. For one, we are not internationally known, professional musicians. We are members of the local faith-family seeking to find our joy in Christ and encouraging others to do the same. We are mostly volunteers and you know us. In a church that is truly living life in Christ together, we get to know and love each other, warts and all. So when you see your brothers and sisters leading you to worship Christ, you are reminded of their frailties and sinful tendencies. You are also reminded of their victories and of how God has worked in their lives. So even though Sundays don’t feel like a concert, there is a great opportunity for us to rejoice together…and we NEED to learn to rejoice together as well as mourn together. This is the joy we share and it will be our strength.

In Him,