Core Value #7 for Children and Student Ministries – Intentional

Intentional – We strive to be good stewards of our resources

and of the time we have with families through planning that is consistent with our mission and core values.


This core value links all the other core values together. We will seek to be purposeful, thoughtful, and considerate of the needs of children, their families, and the church body as a whole as we strive to disciple and equip the body to do the work of the ministry.


Two things are limited: time and resources. Because of these limitations, we want to be focused on the “golden nuggets,” or those things that are most important – things that further Gospel growth and outreach.


We want to be purposeful with the time we are given.

  • We want families to have time at home conducting family worship and teaching their children God’s Word.   We don’t want to take away time from families by over-scheduling activities during the week.
  • We want to mindful of other ministries’ needs and our people who serve in those ministries. We don’t want to step all over other ministries’ schedules either. We realize that there are many church members involved in multiple ministries.
  • We want to make sure we are reaching out to the lost in our community. If our church schedule is full of activities, then our focus becomes skewed to us. We want our church family to keep our focus on reaching the lost, not attending activities.


So, we strive to keep many of the weekly ministry activities at the church building to Sunday’s and Wednesday’s.


We want to be purposeful with our resources.

One of our greatest resources is people.

  • We have wonderful servants who give their time, effort, and heart to children and students, as well as to other ministries that serve the body. We want our servants to focus on the people they serve, and being prepared to communicate the gospel each and every time we gather together.
  • People disciple people. Each of us is expected to help others grow in their walk with Christ.
  • Parents must disciple their children. Parents are vital to the growth and influence of their children and students. We want to equip, encourage, and involve parents, but not over-schedule them.


With our limitations, we seek to be balanced realizing that we must redeem the time and resources we have been given as a church body. The temptation is to over-schedule our lives, and while the things we are involved in are good, the question is: Are they the best for my family, for the church body, and for the mission of the church?


The following link is an interview dealing with “The Busy Christian Family.” This will be worth your time to listen too as we seek to be intentional with the time and resources that God has given us, both as a family and as a church family.