Connecting Christ

Our desire as a children’s ministry is for the church and parents to partner together to raise up the next generation to be passionate disciples of Christ. We do so primarily through teaching children the Word of God. Paul reminded Timothy that from childhood, he has been taught the Scriptures that are able to make him wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.

This is true for our children as well. We not only teach children the scriptures, but we make sure that we are connecting the stories and principles of the Bible to Christ Jesus and the gospel. For the teaching of the Word of God should lead us to faith in Christ Jesus.

I am so excited about a wonderful resource for parents in our church to be able to connect Christ to the whole Bible.

Our preschool and children’s’ BFG teachers are teaching through a curriculum called The Gospel Project. I am sure you are familiar with this material as our adults and students are using this material in our adult and student BFG classes.

The Gospel Project for Kids follows a three year chronological timeline that connects Christ and redemption into the entire story of the Bible – from pre-creation to eternity.

This curriculum gives parents and the church a great opportunity to partner by affirming truths that are being taught at church and at home. We double our effectiveness by reaffirming what is being taught at church and in the home. We are


Allow me to give some helpful ways to partner:

  1. Reaffirm what is being taught in your child’s BFG class.
  2. At least one day per week, take some time to go over what your child is learning in their BFG.       Each week, you will receive a family devotion guide when you drop off your children for their class.       This family devotion guide has a list of what they are being taught in each unit (5 lessons) and includes a helpful family devotion.

Also check our children’s ministry Facebook page, Trinity Kids, for the same family devotion postings.

Example of a family devotion from a previous unit:

Unit 29, Session 3: Jesus Has Power Over Sickness Matthew 20:29-34; Mark 10:46-52; Luke 18:35-43

Materials: yard furniture, blindfold.

If weather permits, prepare an obstacle course on your backyard by randomly placing yard furniture. If you are unable to do this, plan a course inside. Include a start and finish. Blindfold one of your kids then give them step-by-step instructions to maneuver around the obstacles until he finishes. Allow each child to go through the obstacle course with you giving directions.

Remind your kids that today’s Bible story involved a blind man. Retell the story about Jesus restoring the man’s sight.

Ask: “How did Bartimaeus respond when he heard Jesus pass by?”

Remark how Bartimaeus cried out “Son of David, Jesus, have mercy on
me!” When some told him to be quiet, he cried out even louder. When Jesus called him, he threw off his coat, jumped up, and came to Him.

Ask: “What did Jesus do to heal Bartimaeus?”
Emphasize that Jesus told Bartimaeus, “Your faith has healed you.” Immediately the man who was blind could now see. The prophet Isaiah told Israel many years earlier that the promised Messiah would heal the blind. Jesus was the promised Messiah! While we may not be blind, we are all sinners. Jesus can heal us from our sins. He can help us “see” the truth about God by opening our eyes and saving us.
Pray, praising God for sending Jesus to earth to save anyone who trusts in Him. Thank God for giving us eyes to see and know God’s truth. Pray for any family member or friend who may not know the truth about Jesus.


  1. Review your child’s memory verse. Each unit provides a scripture verse that goes along with each unit of lessons that kids are to memorize. Help them not only to memorize it, but to understand what it means.
  2. Download this helpful resource. There is an APP for your phone and ipad that corresponds to the lessons in the Gospel Project called, The Gospel Project for Kids Family App. You can find it here:
  3. Get to know your child’s teacher, as a partner. Our preschool and children’s teachers have a high commitment to helping your child learn God’s Word. Pray for them. Contact them. Ask them how your child is doing in class. They are praying for you and your child.


Here are our teachers:

Preschool BFG Team Leader: Susan Conger

Infants: Mark & Dana Hall

1’s & 2’s: Renee Morehead & Denna Bollinger

3 year olds: Daniel & Lacey Dunlap

4 year olds: Debbie Hinson & Cicely Hinson


Elementary BFG Team Leader: Jonathan Eison

Kindergarten: Judy Eison and Christie Evans

1st Grade: Megan Blackwell & Ashleigh Eison

2nd & 3rd Grades: Angela Bargery

4th Grade: Duane & Amy Griffith

5th & 6th Grades: Rick & Sarah Edmiston


More than anything, we want our children connected to Christ Jesus. This task is a huge responsibility that begins with us as parents in partnership with the church as we rely on the Holy Spirit to reveal these wonderful truths to the hearts of our children.