Precious Promises

The following blog is filled with such encouragement. I wanted to write so much about it but, to be honest I would only mess it up. I thank God for the ministry of Paul Tripp and I hope this serves as a blessing to you as it did me.   7 Gospel Promises […]

A Beautiful Mess…

Below you will find a great blog which asks the question, “Is Your Church Messy Enough?”   I found it a great read.  Two years ago we were faced with a decision to relocate our church…when we made a decision to relocate into an area of our county that to be honest, most churches were […]


I have shared on multiple occasions that I have a tendency to worry. Now, from my perspective it is not worry like some elderly lady wringing her hands, but more like being consumed with a situation and thinking of every possible scenario as to how to attack the problem….then of course, worrying about all the […]

MID-Week Studies Starting…

I am so excited about this year in the life of Trinity.  Watching how God is teaching and shaping us is nothing short of astounding and I believe our greatest days are yet to come. One of the areas that we are getting stronger in is the area of discipleship, and this is working through […]