Curiosity Kills: The Internet and Worthless Things

It’s a familiar scenario. You open your Facebook app to check a notification. You blink and you have been cruising through status updates for 25 minutes. Or maybe it this: While at lunch with a friend someone asks, “How old is Robert DeNiro?” And you immediately ask Siri or google it and BAM! 72. How […]

Praise: God’s Perspective, and Ours, from John Piper

Praise: God’s Perspective, and Ours (John Piper) “God’s pursuit of praise from us and our pursuit of pleasure in him are one and the same pursuit. God’s quest to be glorified and our quest to be satisfied reach their goal in this one experience: our delight in God, which overflows in praise. For God, praise […]

September 26th – a Prayer for Naghmeh Abedini

I recently shared about this story in a Trinity Worship rehearsal and promised that I would share it on the blog. I think this story resonates because we forget that our brothers and sisters are suffering throughout the world for their faith in Jesus, and in this case, he is an American! I am asking […]

Benefits to Corporate Worship

“I love to be in Your presence, with Your people, singing praises. I love to stand and rejoice, lift my hands and raise my voice.” – Paul Baloche, I Love To Be In Your Presence One of the great joys of my life is to lead God’s gathered people to pursue their joy in Christ […]

Tozer, On Real Worship…

A.W. Tozer was a man who understood and enjoyed God in a way that most of us will only ever aspire toward. This is just one of many quotes that points us back to the reason God created us and saved us. ~Jon Worship: Our Reason for Existence (A.W. Tozer) Give unto the Lord the […]


I came across this today in the Valley Of Vision. It is a great reminder as we physically experience “summer weather” and recently celebrated freedom on July 4, let us seek freedom from sin and seek the “summer weather” that comes by the power of the Spirit in our lives. ~Jon Purification: From the valley […]