A New Resource for Trinity

I wanted to take a break from my own blog for one week and point you to the blogs of our other Pastors at Trinity.  Our new website has given us the ability to highlight all of the different ministry areas and a forum for getting resources into your hands.  While the rotation for posting to these blogs is not set in stone as of yet, you should expect to see new blogs each week in some of the areas.

Over the last few weeks Bro. Jeff Summers (Trinity Kids) and Bro. Bruce Roberts (Student Pastor) each posted to their respective pages.  Take a moment to check out their posts if you haven’t already.  These resources are there because our staff is committed to keeping helpful information and resources in front of you.  This week you should see Bro. Jeff’s Missions blog, Bro. Jon’s Worship blog and Bro. John Miller’s Senior Adult blog.  Make a point to check these blogs out each week.

While these blogs will rotate and, from time to time I will highlight critical items for you, I intend to continue my blog every week.