A Missions Reminder: From Our Neighborhood to the Nations!

I wanted to take a post to remind you about our upcoming Missions Giving, beginning this Sunday.  Through the years we have found that, if Michele and I try to give one week for this mission opportunity, and one week for that opportunity, our missions giving is scattered and not consistent enough to amount to much.  But years ago when we were in seminary, the church we attended did a missions giving emphasis that allowed us to give more than we imagined we could!  As seminary students, we didn’t think we would be able to give much above our regular tithes and offering.  But, when we gave systematically over the course of three months, our missions offering was substantially more than we thought possible.  Since then, we have tried to always approach missions giving in this way and to be more organized and consistent in doing so.

It is my prayer that leading into this commitment Sunday for “From Our Neighborhood to the Nations” giving, that you will gather your family and discuss the importance of mission work in our neighborhood, in Desoto County, in our Nation and around the world.  Bro. Jeff wrote a great summary blog about this giving opportunity and he included information about all the different local and worldwide partners we support.  Take just a  few moments and review what all the Lord has led us to be involved with and then pray about how you can support these opportunities financially (above your tithe and offering), as well as with your time and service!