A Confused Society

We live in a society today that is confused; they are confused about sex, authority, marriage, and so many other things. The root of the problem is the fact that in a person’s natural state they have no desire to submit to a supreme authority, no desire to allow a God who is our creator, also be the one who defines. For years, as a general rule much of response by Christians was careless at best, and mean spirited at worse. But overall, the pendulum has swung the other way and we speak with little clarity or directness towards any social issues of the day…usually under the guise of “we are all sinners.”  I read one blog this week that went immediately to Jesus dealing with the woman caught in adultery, and used the interview with Bruce Jenner to make the point of how Jesus would treat someone. Christ was certainly filled with grace, but He was certainly direct in regard to sin and historically His people have been. John the Baptist was beheaded because he was so narrow minded that he actually spoke against adultery, Nathan was pretty direct with King David.  Malachi was pretty direct with the Jewish people regarding their weak worship and attitude towards divorce. Let me assure you, John the Baptist, Nathan, Malachi, and every other man of God that spoke truth, had sin in their life. I find it troubling that with the politically correct sins of the day we are quick to say, “but we are all sinners” however, I have never heard anyone say that in regard to child molestation, or murder. If we are going to put all sin in the same category, I think it would be much more consistent to do this.   But, let’s be honest here… all sin is repulsive, but sins have different consequences and sins require different responses. A sin that is celebrated and admired demands a much stronger response that a tepid, “we must not speak too strongly regarding this.” Can homosexuality be forgiven? Can a man or woman refusing to acknowledge what anatomy, DNA and science and God has made crystal clear, be forgiven? Certainly, just as any sin can be forgiven. But, when I realize I am a law breaker and only Christ can forgive me and fulfill the law, it demands repentance.   Most of today’s society aren’t repenting of sins when the current culture is to have parades for politically correct sins  or calling them  “heroic” when they deny the obvious. When sin is celebrated our response must be one that is clear and strong. When the sin is filled with ignorance, it must be spoken to from a biblical perspective but also a logical perspective. We will have Christians ignore Bruce Jenner and rebuke Matt Walsh for his blog on this subject (found on the link below).



It is a lengthy blog and I would encourage you to read the entire post…but, I want to point out a couple of main points regarding Mr. Walsh’s blog, along with some of his quotes:

(Walsh’s comments are in quotes/bold)

It’s worth noting, too, that it doesn’t generally require “courage” or “bravery” or “strength” to do something that is sure to result in television deals and roaring applause from a sea of adoring fans. Usually, courage is not defined as “the willingness to endure immense popularity, esteem, fame, and profit.”

When you live in a world that can’t define the sex of person because of what they feel
“in their soul” they may be, then I can promise you the idea of bravery will be misinterpreted.

The former top psychiatrist at John’s Hopkins, Dr. Chapman, penned a Wall Street journal article several months ago, making it clear that “transgenders” are mentally disordered. Boldly affirming the indisputable findings of every credible biologist who’s ever existed, Dr. Chapman reported that sex change is biologically impossible, and to tell a transgender he can be “reassigned” or “transitioned” from one gender to the other is to “promote and collaborate with mental illness.”

 To stay with my previous point from my introduction, if a 30 year old man molested 13 year old girls because he insisted that “inside” he was really a 13 year old male,  we should treat him as such if we are being consistent with today’s thinking.  Hopefully, we would roll our eyes and throw him in jail where he should spend the rest of his life. But, to keep with logic of our current culture, if what he sees himself as is a 13 year old boy, shouldn’t he have that right to be treated as such?   Therefore, we should correct and deal with him and the 13 year old girl the same way. That would be ridiculous, but to punish him as he should be punished also seems a bit inconsistent.

Bruce Jenner has a male anatomy, male chromosomes, male DNA, male hormones, a male bone structure, and male reproductive organs. He is a male. He can never be anything but a male. He is not a woman “for all intents and purposes,” for the same reason that I am not an antelope or a pine cone for all intents and purposes. Indeed, it is specifically my “intents and purposes” that make me neither a pine cone nor an antelope and Jenner neither a woman nor “transgendered.”

He can grow out his hair and shop in the women’s section at Barneys, but none of that will have any impact on his practical physiological disposition. He can change his wardrobe, but that will not change his DNA. He can ask us to use different pronouns when addressing him, but that won’t cause him to start ovulating or lactating.

He can “feel” like a woman, but shockingly, those feelings will never manifest in a uterus or ovaries.


Sadly, the quote above has to be explained. Even more sad is that there are some who will call this statement insensitive. Speaking the obvious, telling the truth, is now insensitive.

Jenner, like many “transgender,” defends his decision to “transition” by explaining that he has “the soul of a female.” I was reminded of this today by a progressive atheist who quite matter-of-factly informed me that sometimes people’s souls don’t match their bodies. It’s fascinating that suddenly, after decades of shoving secularism down our throats, left wingers have discovered the human soul, and summarily assessed that in some cases it’s been mismatched, like brown socks with black pants.

I guess that’s what they mean when they say “transgenders” have been “assigned” the wrong sex. I always wondered, assigned by whom? And if this entity is powerful enough to give us souls, how could it be so clumsy and careless about it?


We live in a society that is now wanting to make this spiritual, make God the one who made the mistake and indiviudals are the ones who must redefine ourselves and fix the mistake God made in our souls and body. We are now supreme.

I try to make my blogs brief, but this is overwhelming. It shows not only where we are but, what makes my heart break more is that is shows us where we are going. We have 40 year old men that are perpetual boys that avoid responsibility. Women who reject femininity and that is tough enough to deal with. But now, we live in a society where men are heroes when they embrace being a woman or vice versa, and we have a church trying to create ways to speak without ever offending a world who despises the truth of God. We should not be cruel, we should try to discuss truth with people because we care about their souls, not because we want to belittle or win an argument. But by all means, we should speak with clarity and boldness. Walsh’s blog is direct, clear but does not seem to be mean spirited. I encourage you to read this, talk about this, but by all means do not ignore it. Speak with grace, but speak with clarity.