A Beautiful Life…

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There is a country song that says that “Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful life.” I think that’s what every healthy marriage can attest to. This week I celebrate 21 years with my precious bride. We have had 2 boys, lived in four states, lived in 7 homes, and are in our third, and I honestly believe my last, pastorate. I can say that by grace most of our marriage has been blissful and the other 5% has been tough as God works things in us and out of us in our life together. I have loved this ride we have been on and God has blessed me in an amazing way by giving her to me as my bride.  Last year being our 20th, I did this… https://holding2truth.blogspot.com/2014/06/happy-20th-anniversary-to-my-bride.html


Not going to be able to one up that…so I decided in this, my personal point of privilege each year on this blog, I want to wish my beautiful wife a Happy Anniversary by sharing a few things that have not changed about her at all, and a few things that have.  So here I go…


Some of the things that have not changed:


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  • You are beautiful inside and out: Now, to be quite honest, when I saw you it was your outside that first caught my attention. But, in less than two dates I knew that if you would just give me a chance, just hang in there and put up with me, I would marry you. I also was fully aware that I would be one of those guys that people would look at and know, “He is one of those guys that just overachieved.” From the day you walked in until today, to me you are beautiful,   To me, you are the one that if I had to begin again…I would begin again with you. From the time I met you, until the time you said, “I Do” you have been my dream girl; I saw you and wanted to date you. I got to know you and, fell and in love with you.
  • Grace is most evident in our home through you: You have lived in the house with 3 boys for 15 years. You have watched more wrestling matches, football games, and MMA than any one woman should have to watch in a lifetime and, I don’t always know if you enjoy them or just do it because you always enjoy us and you can’t seem to separate the two. We fail to notice the small things you do for us many times… to be honest, we probably fail often to even notice the big things, and yet you give grace for all of it – all the “guy things”. You have taught me…you have taught all of us what grace looks like, what it means to prefer others and how to love even if things aren’t always going your way. You have taught me how to show grace better, and that is just one of the ways God has used you to sanctify me.
  • You are the smartest, hardest working lady I know: The most difficult thing I do in our marriage is convince people that you have a disease that can make you feel sick, hurt or exhausted almost all the time. You probably hurt the most in a home filled with boys and without a doubt, complain the least. You have been a my counsel, my confidant, the boys teacher, a Pastor’s wife, a building project manager, a cheerleader, a walking medicine cabinet for all that aches us. You do more with less time than anyone I know and you keep our home in an astounding way. You have owned a business, sold a business and helped us in ways unimaginable, all the while being there for our boys and me. When I met you while finishing your Masters, I was impressed at knowledge of so many things… now that I know you, I am more impressed at your wisdom in the things that really matter.


Some Things Have Really Changed:

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  • Your commitment is greater: No couple walking down the isle foresees exactly whom they are marrying. We were deeply in love on June 11, 1994. But today, we know more; we have experienced surgery, arguments, frustrations, disappointments and living with sinners.   The emotions of that day may not always be evident, but the commitment is.   In fact, the commitment is greater than it was that day and for that I am blessed. Our love is deeper and our commitment is greater, which makes our days even sweeter.
  • You are an amazing wife: When I married you I thought you would be a great wife, and I hoped I would be a great husband. However, neither of us had participated in this unique role before. We have had 21 years of working at this, and I can tell you that today, you are better than you have ever been. You are truly amazing. I love you.
  • You know me better and love me more: I pray on our 40th and 50th we can say the same thing. We know each other so well; the good stuff, bad stuff and ugly stuff. You have known my struggles and, most times I think you know how I will respond to things better than I do. I think it is safe to say that the 2 years of our dating and engagement we got to know each other well, but not nearly as well as you know me now. Sometimes that leads to disappointment, but for a wife who has shown such grace, love and wisdom, God has used these 21 years to give you the unique ability to love me more. I know this because you show me.


Thank you for saying yes.