Bible Fellowship Groups

We believe that true discipleship and community happens when a person decides to move beyond just attending worship services and gets plugged in to a Bible Study Group.  BFG’s (Bible Fellowship Groups) are where you learn great bible truths and have an opportunity to fellowship.

Starting at 9:00 am every Sunday morning, we have Bible Fellowship Groups (call them Sunday School, Small Groups, or whatever you’d like!) for all ages!

If you’re new to Trinity, or to the Southaven-Desoto County area, please attend on Sunday morning and our greeters will point you in the right direction for a new Bible Fellowship class!
Master Teacher Rooms: Master classes begin at 9:00 am

  • Classes assigned to Brother Chad Everson meet in Room 205
  • Classes assigned to Brother John Miller meet in Room 201A
  • Classes assigned to Brother Jeff Summers meet in Room 208B (choir rehearsal room)
  • Classes assigned to Brother Bubba Crowder meet in Room 215
  • Classes assigned to Brother Bruce Roberts meet in Room 210 (Student area).  All students fall under Brother Bruce.

Breakout Rooms: Small Group classes follow Master Teacher lesson

  • Room 201A – Two groups will remain in John Miller’s room for breakouts – Joe Richardson and Bobbi Crider
  • Room 201B – Rosemary Miller’s group
  • Room 202 – Peggy McCammon’s group
  • Room 203A – Doug and Cheryl Fair’s group
  • Room 203B – Jeff Smallwood’s group
  • Room 204 – Lloyd and Debbie Mitchell’s group
  • Room 205 – Cindy Tidwell’s group
  • Room 206 – Glenda McLearen’s group
  • Room 208A – Billy and Cathy Fields’group
  • Room 208B – David Goodling’s small group will remain in the choir room for breakouts
  • Room 210 – Two groups will remain in Bruce’s room for breakouts – Keltner Guys 3 and Akin Guys 1
  • Room 209A – Keltner’s Girls 3
  • Room 209B – Sheridan’s Guys 2
  • Room 211 – David and Kathy Leverett’s group
  • Room 212 – Girls 2
  • Room 213 – Stephen and Brea Lenox’s group
  • Room 214 – King’s Girls 1
  • Room 215 – Two groups will remain in Bubba’s room – Crowder’s group and Lafoe’s group
  • Room 216 – Two groups will breakout into this room – Beitz’s group and Hunt’s group
  • Pastor Reception – Men’s Career/College
  • Coffee House – Women’s Career/College

Trinity also provides a great library of online resources to enhance your bible study. Learn more in our Equipping Center.

Contact: Bubba Crowder, Discipleship Pastor

Pastor Bubba Crowder

Pastor Bubba Crowder