A Missions Reminder: From Our Neighborhood to the Nations!

I wanted to take a post to remind you about our upcoming Missions Giving, beginning this Sunday.  Through the years we have found that, if Michele and I try to give one week for this mission opportunity, and one week for that opportunity, our missions giving is scattered and not consistent enough to amount to […]

Husbands, You Are Called to Lead!

I came across this blog by Tim Challies a little while back, and thought it would be a helpful exhortation to some of our brothers. I think when a man steps back and realizes that God’s call for him to lead his home is not because of his natural ability, and when the wife realizes […]

Looking for Mr or Mrs Right? You Won’t Find Them!

  A few weeks ago I preached a sermon in which I was explaining to our congregation that there is no such thing as the “Perfect Soul Mate” or “the one who completes you.” The Disney images along with they way we date in our culture, breeds a situation that sets up the average couple […]

Use What The Lord Has Given You

When you read the title of this post, the tendency is for your mind to go directly to your natural giftedness or personal resources, and certainly that is applicable. However, one of the resources we, as a church have invested in for you is called RightNow Media ( http://www.rightnowmedia.org ) and this is such a valuable tool. A […]

Family Worship

One of my favorite blogs is http://www.challies.com.  Tim Challies gives great book reviews as well as insight to a variety of topics, is doctrinally sound and writes in a concise way that works great in his blog. Recently, he wrote about Family Worship and why we fail so often in being consistent with this. This […]

Should I Make My Kids Go To Church?

“Should I make my kids go to church?” I could just finish this blog quickly and say “Yes,” and that would be it. But, I am fully aware that would not be sufficient for many of you. Let me state that before children came along,  I used to say from the pulpit “Some of the […]

A Great Date Night

This summer our church leadership decided to try something a little different. We have set up some specific events to enhance discipleship and one of the first things was a double date night.  We separated our couples by length of time married and our goal (although this wasn’t done perfectly) was to put couples together […]

When Did We Lose the Culture War?

We have probably all, at one time or another over the last few weeks, made a statement regarding the speed at which this gay marriage law went through. It seems as if our culture is changing at a lighting pace. However, I remember hearing about a book written years ago by Robert Bork entitled Slouching […]

Gay Rights vs. Civil Rights

This past Sunday, providentally we were continuing our study of the book of John and we dealt with the subject on, “Why We Will Be Hated” and based on the Supreme Courts decision last week, we had a very vivid illustration as to how that will look. I spoke to this issue from a biblical […]

Being Prepared

Our students are off at camp this week.  Panama City Beach, FL – not a trip for the faint of heart.  As most of them gathered swimsuits, sunscreen and (hopefully) toiletries, I am sure they were anticipating all the fun and sun of the week.    Now that they are at the beach and attending […]

A Beautiful Life…

There is a country song that says that “Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful life.” I think that’s what every healthy marriage can attest to. This week I celebrate 21 years with my precious bride. We have had 2 boys, lived in four states, lived in 7 homes, and are in our third, […]

Ladies, Your Turn….

When I wrote the post and gave the link last week for our fathers, I never intended to turn around and do the same for our ladies, but I saw this some time ago and just wanted to share it with everyone but, specifically for our ladies. http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/when-women-face-their-curse-ravaged-homes See below: She will be saved through […]

If It Hits Me, It Will Hit Others

Some of the greatest responses I get when I preach are the sermons that have hit me the most. The sermons that have done the greatest work IN me, flows out to my preaching. This blog http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/10-unforgettable-lessons-from-my-father-on-fatherhood was written about a Ray Ortlund’s father, who was a Pastor. It reminded me of my high calling […]

Summer Ain’t Over….It’s Just Beginning

Through business and life I must confess there are times that I am not “Kingdom Aware” enough. I came across some very practical helps for us (as God’s people) to do ordinary things that are Kingdom focused. I hope these principals give you some food for thought.   http://sendnetwork.com/2015/05/12/out-of-the-world-and-into-our-neighborhood-2/   Out of the World and […]

God’s Grace

Right before I arrived at Trinity, I remember going to a conference called the “Weekender” at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. I knew what a healthy church should look like before I went, I just wanted to see it played out practically. I remember watching the elder meeting there and realizing what a poor job I […]

Two Great Words!!!

When I saw this blog yesterday, it was not only convicting, but it served as a great a reminder of how we should view the providence of God when it smiles and when it frowns upon us. I hope this blesses you the way it did me.   http://www.desiringgod.org/articles/either-okay-or-thank-you   My five-year-old can’t stop saying […]

A New Resource for Trinity

I wanted to take a break from my own blog for one week and point you to the blogs of our other Pastors at Trinity.  Our new website has given us the ability to highlight all of the different ministry areas and a forum for getting resources into your hands.  While the rotation for posting […]

Not Trying to Be Controversial, but…

This is an older blog I ran across a few weeks ago but it perfectly summarizes the debate in our time regarding homosexual marriage and myriad of other issues.  See it below.   http://teampyro.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-most-offensive-verse-in-bible.html   by Dan Phillips   In the Sunday School class at CBC we’re doing a series called Marriage, the Bible and […]

An Interview with Spotlight on Southaven

           A few weeks ago I had the honor of being on the Earle Farrell show as he spent time highlighting some people and businesses of Southaven. Mr. Farrell made things very relaxed and conversational as he interviewed me. He asked some general questions and graciously allowed me the opportunity about […]

Keeping Up with Technology

I mentioned this Sunday, but http://trinitysouthaven.org is the link to our new website we launched on Friday.  We are hoping that you like the look of the site, but also all the new features of the site as well.  You will be able to access my blog, and in the days ahead, blogs for all of our […]

Just Trying to Keep Up!

Originally Posted January 6, 2015…. One year ago we had no clue what building we would be worshipping in, who our Student Pastor would be, or what direction God would take our church. In fact there were far more questions than there were answers. To give a major understatement, as your Pastor I faced 2014 […]

As Life Gets Busy This Holiday Season

We all have regrets. Things with our job we would love to redo, or words we wish were never said. Things get busy during this time of year and it is very easy for all of us to miss the important things – the things that really matter. Just a quick reminder for you and […]